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Tutorial was the biggest waste of my time EVER. That's an hour of my life wasted and I want it back.

It was so ghetto. My teacher is so useless. She tried to take us to our "happy place", and told us to close our eyes and press our index fingers and thumbs together. What the fuck? It's fine if you want to go in for that, but I don't, and no way in hell will I be made to participate in it. At least she didn't try and make me. I was actually surprised, when I looked up from doodling, everyone was doing it. They were all breathing deeply, perfectly content in their happy place full of bunnies and puppies and four storey Topshops.

I hate them.

I can't stand loud people, that's the thing. I mean, I'm not loud myself, maybe that's why. In a classroom situation, I'll be the one sitting there and chatting quietly. I won't be the one who bursts into a room, yells "Morning everyone!" then exclaims very loudly that "it ain't half hot in here!" and continues to make a huge fuss out of opening the window, in an "omg, I have to climb on a chair and I'm wearing a skirt, LOLZ!!1" way.

Useless, stupid people.

I have no desire to waste my life away with my head in the sand, pretending that I care and at the same time pretending that I don't. If it looks like I'm not interested, then I'm probably not.
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