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Dear MSN Messenger,
Fuck you. Why the fucking hell won't you work? You worked 12 hours ago! I even turned of the goddamn firewalls and you still won't fucking work, you little chodie piece of shit.

There's something therapeutic about watching the Looney Toons at 7am. I wake up irritated, and they make me feel better, just a little.

There are two reasons why I am irritated:
1) Trolls on the Blood Pact board -
When you make posts that have been discussed before (and that nothing good came out of), and then start insulting people you don't even know, your post gets deleted and the admin are informed. That's how we roll.

So you guys are all PC and censored cause that’s what music and the scene is about right. Looks like you are a PG13 message board. You got posts about people talking about killing themselves but you take mine down for saying a band sold out. If they didn’t want to read it they can skip right by and let it die. It’s not like I am posting porn or something of that nature. I was stating my opinion – I see nothing wrong with that.

There was nothing wrong with your opinion. If you'd just said it in itself, that's fine. However, threads like this have been made before, which in itself means that your post would have to be deleted to prevent the messageboard from having 6395095 posts saying the same thing. And then you started insulting other people. We will not put up with people who do that.

Ok so let me get this straight – your telling me I can’t insult people? You can insult people on the street and no one can do a thing but on here if you insult someone it gets deleted. This is unreal honestly – what in the hell happened to this band. No wonder they lost all of there old following. Does Julie even do the site anymore?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm telling you. I'm glad we're clear.
If I could delete the insults I heard on the street, I'd do that too. unfortunately, being a moderator doesn't really help me with that.
Deleting your insults has nothing to do with the band. It's common courtesy. If you don't like the rules, we're not making you stay.

Tell me you are joking - please.

Funny, that's what I said when I saw your post.

Can we say power trip?

Can we say inconsiderate whiney little boy? I'm not arguing about this anymore - follow the rules, or get off the board. Pretty soon you won't have a choice in the matter.

[e kiss - you know i love you grrrrlll, what kind of thongs you got on


I hate him more than I've ever hated anyone, EVER.

2) I had a kickass dream where someone sent me everything I'd ever wanted in a package and I was so happy, and then, in the dream, I thought "hold on, this is just a dream, I'm going to wake up and all this stuff is going to be gone", and then I did, and I was pissed.

Oh, and in case any wants to know, the little girl in the newspaper article I posted a few days ago? It's been ruled that if she stops breathing again, they're not to bring her back.
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