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I spent 5 hours yesterday flower arranging table decorations for an 80 year old woman's birthday party today.

I just got back from said birthday party.

When I got invited, I had no idea what that invite actually meant was doing washing up and waitressing. I don't mind helping out, but really, I feel kinda ill, and my mum said I didn't have to go and could stay at home and rest if I wanted to. Had I known what I was going to do, I would have stayed. I would have stayed anyway, but I felt really shitty about blowing off an 80 year old woman, you know? However sick I felt, and however much I just wanted to stay in and talk, I would feel like shit for doing it, so I went, and it was pretty awful. I don't think she even knew who I was, to be honest. She never called me by my name and looked perfectly blank when I tried to talk to her, so I spent most of the time hanging out by the drinks table pouring people wine. I hate wine. I don't drink, as a rule, but whenever I have wine it goes to my head. Not in an "OMG IM SOOOO DRUNK LOL!" way, in a "I'm dizzy and I hate wine" way. Even just one glass, so it's definitely not a drunk thing. I'm not really sure what my point here was, to be perfectly honest I forgot. I'm going to stop before I start (dun dun dun!) expressing an opinion! An elitist one too, because I consider people who don't drink better than people that do! Shock, horror, alert the media, Rachel's elitist!

No, duh, really? You mean, I think people who can walk in a straight line and think clearly are better than drunken idiots who guzzle or snort whatever can fit in their face? Damn yeah I do! I think that way a lot, but not for petty reasons. It's not like, "I listen to ____, I'm better than you." Or "I belong to ____ religion, I'm better than you." It's more like, "I talk like I'm educated. I have common sense. I don't insult people for no reason. I don't pour alcohol down my throat until I can't see straight. So fuck yeah I'm better than you!"

How did I get on to that from talking about my day? These things just slip out sometimes, sorry. There's not an excuse for it today, just generally in a bad mood.

Oh, and by the way? No. Fuck off.
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