Rachel Damned (singsingstatic) wrote,
Rachel Damned

I just had the most fucked up dream ever.

It was me, Sophie and Sangita, waiting at my house (which actually looked like an underground car park) for my mum to take us to college (this never happens in real life) and I was yelling at her to come take us because we were going to be so late, and she was saying "In a minute, in a minute!" All the time I only ever saw our faces, and I was looking really scared. And after this went on for ages, I started yelling "But mum, you don't know where we are!" and then, the 'camera', I suppose, zoomed out and we were in this car park surrounded by dead bodies, crouched on the floor.

Not only were they dead, but they were mostly female, naked, and had wounds on their stomachs and heads that had started to rot. So then, obviously, we decide to get up and walk through this mass of bodies. So we're wandering through and then these other naked girls, like the ones who weredead, except, they weren't dead, started running at us and they like, slammed us into the concrete and were yelling "We're gonna fuck you up, we're gonna fuck you up!"

Then we all got scared, ran to the other end of the car park where there was a TV, and turned it on. This horror movie came on about teenage girls in a car park that all got murdered with shotgun wounds to the stomach. So we watched it.

And then Tom turned up and said he was getting the train to college. So we said we would too.

The end.
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