Rachel Damned (singsingstatic) wrote,
Rachel Damned

Ok, fine. This is obviously required.

1) I did not say that if you drink, you are an uneducated moron who is rude to other people. I said, I consider myself better than someone who drinks in copious amounts, is unintelligent, and is rude to other people. I did not say that they all come hand in hand. I can understand how people thought that that was what I meant, but it wasn't, so there.

2) In my opinion, if you drink in copious amounts and snort "whatever fits in your face" then that is wrong. You can justify it however you like, but in my opinion (opinion being the key word) drugs are wrong. I don't care if you want to go out and do it, but this is my journal, and I WILL express my opinions on the subject.

3) It's mostly the big drinkers who get drunk every weekend for fun I have a problem with. I have no problem with their drinking, it's the drunken violence and drink driving that spawns from SOME cases (not all) that I have a problem with. If you want to go and drink in a dark basement where you don't bother other people, great. If you want to drink where it bothers me personally, then it's a problem. I have no right to tell you not to drink, but I reserve my right to be pissed off.

Thankyou and cut.

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