Rachel Damned (singsingstatic) wrote,
Rachel Damned

It's a nice day to start again

I was talking about this with Ashley earlier. Some days I wake up and think "fucking livejournal is the most pointless thing ever. I'm quitting."

And then I think, no, because I like reading journals. I like to tell people about my day and I like other people telling me about their days...

But then I think, it's my personal feelings. I could just write them in a book.

And then I think, I already do that, but sometimes it's nice to have some feedback on what you're feeling with someone impartial.

Then I think, yes, but I don't want people judging me on how I feel about things. I don't want people to read this and think "she's obviously fucking nuts."

But then if I left I'd miss most of you guys.

It's a constant debate I have over something that really shouldn't matter. It's the internet. There's more to life than cyberspace. It's just taken me a while to realise.
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