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Let red cells pixelate us

Call it "victim convenience"

Rachel Damned
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I took two steps out of the door
And I got two steps away
And then I turned, the screen was calling,
I could not resist.
You could find a bead of light.
One can cause the outside window to dull.
Pause until the evening turns and it's a.m.
Routine job or the pills
We're all on cable I.V. drips
Let red cells pixelate us.
Constant help needed to unhook.
Call it "victim convenience".
I took two steps out of the room,
And I stepped back toward the door and tried again,
A conversation,
And it went like this:
I could talk for hours to you.
I could watch your mouth and eyes until they shut.
The controller's lost and I'd rather commit "power" than hear this out.